Clergy Wedding Wedding2Terry lives and works in the Metro Atlanta Area (on the west side). With awareness that there is a lack of young liberal ministers on the West side of Atlanta (Carrolton, Douglasville, Villa Rica), he is making himself available to the community. Below are a list of his available services. If you don’t see what you need below, feel free to message him using the contact form. He’s anxious to meet your ministerial needs.

Terry has 11 years of ministry experience and has officiated many weddings. Terry has officiated weddings in full on clergy attire with a robe and a stole and Terry has officiated weddings in shorts and sandals. In the past few years, Terry has found himself officiating wedding ceremonies for non-Religious folks who have family members that would value a traditional ceremony. Please feel free to email him using the form below if you have any questions regarding availability or fees for Weddings. Terry does not discriminate on basis of gender identity, sexual orientation, race or any other factor. He is an equal opportunity minister!

No one likes funerals. But, they are a natural part of the life process. If you don’t have a minister to preside over a ceremony celebrating your loved one’s life, Terry would be more than willing to provide those necessary services at that time. Terry doesn’t typically require a fee for funerals considering that this time is already hard enough on the family. But if you’re looking for a Progressive twist on the traditional funeral, Terry is often available for these services on short notice.

Supply Preaching-
Terry has 11 years of preaching experience and is readily available most Sundays to fill in for your local congregation. Going on vacation? Terry’s your guy. Your church in between ministers and need someone to fill in last minute? Terry’s your guy. Message him using the form below.


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