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Kurt Sutter is a genius. He was the main writer on the hit show on FX a few years ago “The Shield” and he is the creator of one of my favorite shows on tv right now, “Sons of Anarchy”. If you aren’t caught up on the show through Season 6, I might suggest you stop reading right now. Below the image will be major spoilers for Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy.


I warned you… Big spoilers ahead…



Season 6 started off with a very emotional episode. I would suggest watching it even if you aren’t an avid fan of the show. Season 6, episode 1 of Sons of Anarchy is one of the best written, well thought out, artsy pieces of television I’ve ever seen. I have no idea where you might watch it for free online. Only if there was some PROJECT where folks could watch FREE TV.

In the episode we see this young, pre-adolescent boy scribbling in a journal. The journal is one that you might expect to see in a psych ward. It’s disturbing. The episode ends with this young boy walking into his school and shooting a high powered automatic weapon in the school.

Now, if you are familiar with the show, you know that the Sons of Anarchy deal in this type of weaponry. They put “bread on their table” by selling guns to street gangs (or at least they did; Don’t be mad at me. I warned you about spoilers.). So, the main antagonist in the early part of season 6 (Lee Toric) wants to hurt the MC for personal reasons. He hears about the school shooting and thinks he can hurt the club by tying the weapon to the MC (which is very possible because it IS their weapon that they sold).

The District Attorney for the county gets involved with Toric and wants desperately to find someone to blame for this school shooting so they try and find the source of the weapon that was used. This is where the tv show gets it right. You don’t hear about this after any kind of public shooting. We hear about how bad the perpetrator is/was, but we don’t hear much about the source issue.

The question after the shooting in Nevada today is, “Where and how did this kid get a hold of a gun?” The kid was 12 or 13 years old. He was an 8th grader. I’m not hearing that question in the media. I didn’t hear that question in the Aurora shooting either. I do remember hearing about the source of the weapon in the Newtown Connecticut shooting however.

But the source of the weapon isn’t even really the question for me anymore. Guns are easy to come by in America. Where were the warning signs? How can we make sure this doesn’t happen again? Can we get real psychological counselors in schools? Can we make mental health as accessible (and affordable) as weapons are? This kid was not some “gunman”. He was somebody’s son. He was a boy who needed help and our system failed him. This is not his fault. It’s my fault. It’s our fault. Michael Landsberry’s and the boy’s death are on our hands. Their blood cries out for justice and we’re too busy making a spectacle out of things to have concern for the family of the boy or to make sure that the next 12 year old “gunman” gets help before he breaks and decides violence is the only answer.

We failed this boy today by perpetuating a society that told him his only way out was violence and death. We criminalize mental instability. We do the same thing in our urban areas when we create a society that makes a young man think the only way he can make money is to sell drugs or we create a society that makes a young woman think her only worth is what’s between our legs. We do not go innocent today. We will not be innocent tomorrow. We are guilty. We have created this world where violence, misogyny and drug abuse reigns. And it’s our job to fix it.