The wonderful Mike Morrell at SpeakEasy sent me a copy of Letters to Pope Francis by Matthew Fox and I consumed it ravenously.  As we would expect from Fox, this book does a wonderful job of explaining to the non-Catholic what Pope Francis might mean for the world at large.

It is a challenge to us (as well to Francis) to be more justice oriented.  It is a challenge to us (as well to Francis) to be an advocate for diversity in the church (including minorities, women and lgbtq folks).

If we read this book as just a challenge to Francis (or just the Catholic Church), we do Matthew Fox a great disservice, in my opinion.  This is a challenge to everyone who is involved in any work with the church, humanist organizations or even in corporate America.  This book is a cry for justice.  This is a book that calls to dark powers in high places and says, “No More!”

Overall, this book has a personal feel, as if Fox is writing to a close friend.  That is the nicest thing about the book for me.  It’s not some lengthy wordy tome.  These are letters to a friend, a co-laborer, if you will.  While, there are theological concepts expressed, the focus of the book is not to change anyone’s ideas or theological standpoints, but just to make sure new ideas (for some) are expressed and are given room to grow.  Fox doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about Biblical interpretation but instead starts with the common ground he has with Francis and that is humanist work.  The main point of Fox’s letters is “We’re all in this together.  Let’s not make life harder for each other, rather easier.”

This work is worth the read and is enriching.  I strongly suggest picking up a copy.  You can do that here.