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that's the goose

This post is going to get awkward, but that’s okay for me. However, you may not be okay with that so you might want to stop reading now.

The first time I had sex with my wife, things were a bit awkward. We didn’t know how to please one another. We tried to do different things rather than just traditional love making to make things exciting. But after 3 or 4 days of practice (we took a few days off work), things were going quite well. I’ll spare you the details. I imagine any relationship in which meaningful sex is involved follows a similar pattern. The sex doesn’t start off great and glorious, but you have to work at it. You have to start with foreplay and cuddling before you work your way into the actual coitus and the foreplay and cuddling make the coitus even more pleasurable, rather than the delaying making things worse.

That’s how I felt Wild Goose 2013 was for me this year. Things started off awkward. We had some van trouble in Gainesville, GA which caused us to be quite late to the festival (not getting there until the first day’s festivities were over with). But when we finally got to where we’d be sleeping for the night, wine was shared, stories were shared, and I was surrounded by folks I love. I went to bed and awoke the next morning with things still being a bit awkward. We had to get registered to the festival (due to our late arrival), wanted to find other friends and join in the festivities. But I moved slow. I moved in the way I move with my wife. I put a lot of thought into my actions. I stayed away from the main stage and spent my time in intimate conversation. I was cuddling with the festival.

By the end of Friday, I had spent most of the day with wonderful folks I love. I had met Papy, saw Katie Mulligan again and had re-encountered many folks I love that I typically only get to see at this festival every year. I was enjoying the spirits and the Spirit. I was in deep community. I had begun foreplay with the festival.

On Saturday, I spent most of my day as chaplain to volunteers, attenders and staff of the festival. I spent most of the day praying for folks and listening to folks’ stories. I was able to hear a few talks and that was okay, but the highlight of the festival as it is every year was (and is) the community. By Saturday afternoon, I was in deep intercourse with the festival. I was enjoying myself. I was enjoying the presence of those around me and I knew that the festival relied on every single person there. Everyone there (whether volunteer, employee or ticket-buyer) was neccesary for the festival to succeed.

Saturday ended with the Indigo Girls in concert and time spent in a hot tub with dear friends until 3 AM. This was the orgasm of the festival for me. This was where I felt most in love with the festival. And this is also where I crashed. I got tired. I retired to my sleeping quarters.

I woke up Saturday morning refreshed and in full knowledge that I never wanted to miss another Wild Goose Festival. It’s in a sense like making love. Sunday was definitely the afterglow. Sunday was holding my lover in my arms and telling her that I never wanted to be apart from her ever again, but alas, this is a long distance relationship and I only get to see her once a year. Thus, I cannot wait until Wild Goose 2014 where I can hopefully enter into the festival in a much less awkward manner.