Your Story matters.

Your Story is beautiful.

Your Story needs to be told

Your Story is worth hearing.

Your Story is important.

It is your obligation to share your story.  Unfortunately, it isn’t anyone’s obligation to listen to it.

You have the words of life on your lips, but often folks want to hear about death and destruction.

But, the church needs the hope of your story.  If your story doesn’t have much hope, that’s okay too.  Because the church needs stories of failure not being the end.  The church needs stories of perseverance through trials.

I just spent a weekend in Memphis, Tennessee with 450 of my closest friends at Emergence Christianity 2013.  And what was my one take away?  It was simply, “Everyone has a story worth telling and worth hearing”.  We are all looking through a glass dimly.  We are all seeing a small piece of the big picture and we need each others’ perspectives.

I need you.  You need me.  We need each other.  The church (if she has any future) needs us to tell our stories.  Do you have an auto-biographical short blog post or article?  Want to share your story here?  Let’s see it in the comments.

Who are you?  What have you done?  What are you doing?  What will you do?


I’m Terry.  I worked with youth in Southern Baptist churches for 6 years.  I currently co-pastor Church of the Misfits and run VanLanta (  I am going to be a pastor and an educator and continue to advocate for my neighbors who sleep outside.