My wife and I have had a great week.  We left Douglasville Georgia the  evening of January 3, 2013 bound for ea, LA (where my grandmother lives).  We spent the morning of the 4th with my grandmother and then traveled to Alexandria, LA where my parents live.  We spent three days with them.  We left from there Monday morning bound for Elgin, Texas where Mama Michelle and het  two lovely dogs live.  We spent two days with her.  We left Elgin today around 5 PM  and have found our way into the hospitality of the Whiskey Preacher and Mad Curls, two lovely friends who live in Fort Worth, Texas.

I had the honor of spending the evening on his front porch smoking a cigar and sharing conversation with him and my beautiful bride.

Tomorrow we head to Little Rock, Arkansas to spend a night with Aaron Reddin at The One Inc, Headquarters and our trip finally ends in Memphis, Tennessee for Emergence Christianity National Gathering which celebrates the release of Phyllis Tickle’s new book: Emergence Christianity: What It Is, Where It Is Going and Why It Matters.

Overall, we are blessed beyond measure. 2013 has been a good year so far and it will only get better.

Maw Maw

My Grandmother and I

Bec, Diane and Debbie holding the quilt that they made for Rebecca’s birthday.

Asafa and I

Bec and Steph

Now some pics.

Phil and I pose for a pic taken by the beautiful Stephanie.

Phil and I pose for a pic taken by Stephanie.