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I wish pacifism was enough.  I wish my commitment to nonviolence was enough for the whole world….  I wish my commitment to do no harm to another living thing was enough….  But it’s not.  My commitment to noviolence doesn’t stop the George Zimmermans or the James Holmes of the world.

Can I make a call to Christ followers to go one next step?  Let us not only be nonviolent, but let us call for nonviolent governments.  Why do every day citizens need weapons?  Where, within the Kingdom of Heaven, are we called to have weapons?  Where do we get that it is a God-given right to “bear arms”?

I keep hearing folks calling for Biblical leadership in government, so where is the call for elected officials to be Pacifists?  Where are the calls to melt down our guns and turn them into shovels?  I guess pacifism just isn’t a sexy cause like queer rights, abortion or fighting over whether corporations are people or not…

What does it mean to be a Christ follower (of a Christ who calls us to turn the other cheek), in the wake of events like those in Aurora, CO?

How do we faithfully follow Christ into pacifism when we’re upset at this individual named James Holmes and “American justice” tells us he deserves the death penalty…?

This is when I say Pacifism isn’t enough.  It’s time for activism.  It’s time for us to let our governmental leaders know that we don’t want guns sold in our neighborhoods.  We don’t want folks to have guns.  My neighbors don’t need guns.  I don’t need a gun if my neighbors don’t have guns.  The cops don’t need guns if my neighbors don’t have guns.

The local pawnshop doesn’t need to sell guns.  THe local  Wal Mart doesn’t need to sell guns.  You can tell me all you want that “guns” aren’t the problem…..  Well…  That may be so, but guns in the hand of James Holmes are the problem and obviously, our screening process for gun ownership isn’t extensive enough.

Jesus calls us to more than basic indifference on instances of injustice in the world. He calls us to more than “wishing for a better tomorrow”.  He calls us to create better tomorrows.  He calls us to more than wishing violence didn’t happen.  He calls us to help create environments where violence is not tolerated (even on those  that deserve violence).

He calls us to more than passive indifference.  He calls us to activism against systemic injustice.  What are we going to do about it?   What are we going to do about our brothers and sisters being bullied because of the people they love?  What are we going to do about our brothers, sisters and cousins being called off to war and coming home to nothing?  How do we accept God’s call to pacifism in this fallen world?  Is there a better way?