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o, last week Rebecca and I took a road trip to Indianapolis.  We went to Indy for a “Leadership Training” event for new church planters and other church leaders held by the Disciples of Christ.  Rebecca and I are headed down the path of ordination and commission (respectively) with the denomination.

Church of the Misfits is going to be a Disciples Church.  We are excited about this (even more so after this last week).

We got to Indy around noon on Monday and had lunch with our good friend, Steve Knight.  We got to hear some of his story that we hadn’t heard.  Rebecca and I really love that guy.   The majority of the week was spent in seminars and small groups.  It was a really informative week that led to a bit of brain overload, if I am honest.  We met some folks who are doing a church plant that sounds a lot like Misfits in a small town in Ohio.  It’s reassuring to find folks who are doing similar things all over the country.

If there was an overarching theme for the week, I would say it was diversity.  Every big-room seminar was translated into 5 different languages (Spanish, Korean, Burmese, Creole and English).  On every panel, there were folks of different ethnic groups and sexes.  This was refreshing after my many years in the white-male dominated Southern Baptist Convention.

There were folks from the Isle of Samoa, Haitian folks, Korean folks, Burmese folks, women pastors, queer pastors, Misfits, and big steeple church planters all in the same room.  Not only were we all in the same room, we all had the same goal.   We were all there to learn how we might bring Jesus to our communities.  We were there to learn and gain a bit of training on how to transform our communities.  Sure, we all would have different plans on how to do that, but we had a common goal.  There were liberal folks dining with conservative folks.  This week looked a lot like the Kingdom of God to me.

We got a lot of practical training on what to expect when planting a new church and how to plan for the long haul.  It was a beautiful informative week.  We could not be more excited to start this path with the DOC by our side.