This Sunday Morning: 10 Steps to “…”

Be a better father, be a better husband, get a good job, defeat stress, be more success.  We like to think we have all the answers.  We like to think our lives are so perfect.  Or, we like to pretend they are.

Christ followers like to think of themselves as a finished product.  We like to think of ourselves as the display products in store, pristine, valuable but destined never to get dirty.

What if we had sermons on Sunday morning that called each other to be dirty?  What if we had sermons that, instead of telling us how to be fulfilled, called us to be Incomplete?  We are not the display model.  We aren’t meant to sit on shelves and shine brightly.  We are like a city set on a hill, when we’re workinng the hardest.  You will often hear me say when I speak to churches “The Kingdom of God got up this morning and put its work boots on,”.

We still have work to do, church.  And as long as this world is Incomplete, as long as we have homeless folks, hungry folks and addicted folks living in the same environments as multi-millionaires, we will, as the church, have work to do.

What if we lived in a world where we all did have everything in common, as in the book of Acts?  What if we lived in a world where the United States’ embarrasingly large defense budget was changed into the United States’ Feed the Hungry budget?

We can say what if as long as we want.  But Jesus didn’t call us to say “what if”.  He didn’t call us to sit on our ass.  He called us to visit the prisoner, heal the sick, feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

And we can’t do that in our display case on Sunday mornings.

I think a Creator has called us to something greater than being in a display case.  The Creator has called us to growth.  This Creator, in the Creator’s infinite wisdom, has made us incomplete.

It’s my job to complete you.  And it’s your job to complete me.  And it’s the Creator’s job to complete us all.  We are all not yet divine, yet destined for divinity.  We are constantly approaching “completeness”, “wholeness”, “sainthood” or whatever else you might call it.

We, incomplete souls, are destined for wholeness.  Join me as I find my path and you might just find yours too…