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Sometimes, I feell like this piece of art by Sol LeWitt.

From the outside, it appears to be a functioning cube.

It’s “ALMOST’ complete, but Sol LeWitt would harass me for saying so.  From the outside folks might say it was incomplete or not whole. However, if you were to take a picture of this cube where you could see only one side at a time, you might think that all sides were there.  You might think it was complete.

But, when you see the cube from this angle, you know some sides are missing.

I am highly blessed to have a beautiful wife.  But, living with her and knowing her intimately, we both are very aware of the others’ flaws (mine more than her’s).  We are painfully aware of each others’ missing pieces.

But, I don’t think God would have it any other way.  My friend, CoPastor and fellow blogger, DP, mentioned to me numerous times this weekend “sanctifying relationships”.  And I could not think of a better descriptor.  Absolutely, relationships are meant to sanctify, whether they’re romantic or platonic.

Life brings suffering.  Suffering creates holes in our lives.  Those holes are filled in community.  As we are not yet “resurrected” (our bodies are not yet ‘glorified’), we are “Not Yet Divine” (which is the title of this blog).  We are constantly approaching divinity however.  Jesus told Pharisees that the Kingdom of Heaven was within them.

So, why is this blog titled “A Theology of Manufacturing Wholeness”?  Well, I’m getting to that.  Is the Kingdom of Heaven within us?  I like to think so.  And, if it is, I like to think it’s our job to bring healing and wholeness into the world.

When creating anything, you take two or more parts and combine them to manufacture your desired result.  When manufacturing wholeness, you have to take two or more things that look imperfect on the outside and combine them, so that they, when combined, may show a spark of wholeness.  That’s what my wife, our co-pastors and I are trying to do with Church of the Misfits.  We’re just Broken folks that get together and some amazing things happen, sometimes.  We have some truly divine moments in our living room.

The fact is that when we come together, we realize we’re folks who are incomplete.  We don’t hide our brokenness, but show it as a badge of honor.  But we’re manufacturing wholeness.  We’re taking something imperfect and creating a tiny bit of perfection.  We’re taking some ugly and making some beauty.  We’re taking some hell and we’re creating a bit of Heaven.

I’m Terry.  I am not yet divine.  I am not whole.  I am not complete.  However, in community sometimes I am a part of creating divinity, wholeness and completion.

Join me in the path to divinity and wholeness.