I’m serious.  Quit it.  Quit going to Pride and “preaching the Good News” that if my friends “repent” that God will save them.

Quit preaching the Good News that as long as I can get my life in order, God will be happy with me.

Quit preaching the Good News that as soon as I break my addiction to alcohol (drugs, ciggarettes, McDonald’s), God will be pleased with me.

Dear Church,

I am so tired of your Good News.  It’s not Good and it’s hardly news.

Quit calling your exclusionary practices good news.

Quit calling your Gospel that ignores the poor good news.

Quit calling your Gospel that hates the foreigner good news.

Quit calling your Gospel that tells me my sin is my fault good news.

Quit calling your Penal Substitution Atonement theory good news.

If this is the best Good News you’ve got, quit preaching it.

On the other hand, Preach the real Good News of Christ.

Preach that Christ came and submitted himself unto death, not to satisfy an angry God, but to show us hte way to crucifixion and the way to self sacrifice.

Preach inclusion for my queer brothers and sisters.

Preach justice for the stranger in our land and call him brother.

Preach justice for the poor and the disenfranchised.

Preach hope, not despair.

Preach so that some folks will want to become good news for their city.

Be the good news.

Feed the poor.

Clothe the naked.

Love the foreigner.

Sacrifice yourselves.

Fight for equality.

Love Mercy.

Do Justice.

Walk Humbly.

If our churches started being good news in their communities, we wouldn’t be closing our doors.

So, let’s start being the good news.