There are a FEW THINGS that WILL happen when you follow the Spirit (or The Call of God).

The first is: Folks will call you crazy.

Anytime you stand up to do what God has called you to do, folks will call you crazy.  You’ll get questions like, “Are you sure “God” called you?”   You’ll hear things like, “Aren’t you a little too (young, fat, skinny, old, white, black, conservative, liberal) to be called by God?”  When things go wrong, these will be the first folks at your door step saying, “I told you so.” 

But it’s okay to be called crazy.  Keep following the call of God.


The second thing that WILL happen is, Folks WILL get in your way.

When you reveal your dreams or passions to further the Kingdom of God, folks (the ones who didn’t call you crazy) will get in your way.  They’ll try and discredit you. (Isn’t he the guy that got caught in adultery?  I knew him when he was a teenager; he’s no preacher.  Isn’t that the woman who had a divorce? She can’t minister.)  They’ll try to discourage you (Go ahead.  Plant your church.  Nobody’ll come.  You’re gonna be a preacher? That’s fine, but what will you do for money?) 

It’s okay for folks to doubt you.  Keep following the Call of God.


The third thing that WILL happen when you follow the Spirit, is GOD’S dreams will come to be.

You were called crazy? So was David.  You were discouraged and left by those closes to you?  So was Joseph.  You tried to run from you call?  That’s okay, so did Jonah.  You have “big sins” in your past?  So did David.  People doubted you and tried to stop you from ministering?  They tried that on Jesus too.  Follow the Spirit’s call and God’s dreams will be completed.  You may not see the complete fruit of your labor (See Moses; David) but the completion of the work God started in you will be complete. 


Stay true to the  call of the Spirit.