Help my Unbelief….

People use this quote a lot when we talk about the dichotomy of faith and doubt. But, this quote (I believe, Lord. Help my Unbelief) is just a part of a verse in a story in the 9th chapter of Mark. A man’s son has a demon within him (that has been in him from childhood) that has repeatedly tried to kill the boy. The father says, “Lord, if you can, take pity on us and help us.” Then Jesus said, “If you can? All is possible for one who believes.” Jesus casts out the demon. Then the disciples ask, “Why could we not cast out the demon?” Jesus responds, “This type only comes out by prayer.”

Paul R. Smith, during his workshop, talked about the three faces of God. Those were The Infinite God (God of the Universe), The Intimate God (Jesus, my brother) and the Inner God (The God that is me). No one had any problems with the first two. But when Paul asked, “Is your God ‘you’ enough?”, I started seeing some heads shaking. I loved it. This is a discussion I’ve been wanting to have for years. Paul said that the son of a dog was a dog the son of a giraffe was a giraffe and the son of a monkey was a monkey. Are we not sons and daughters of God? In our deepest selves, we are children of God. Does that mean that we’re divine?

Paul said as he has been preaching this message of the divine self at his church, he has a few older congregants who will tell him, “I just can’t believe I’m divine.” That’s what religion does to us. Religion clouds our truest God-self. We see all of our negative humanity in such clarity, that we can’t see our divinity.

After the father asks Jesus, “If you can, have pity on us and help us…”, Jesus turns that around. He tells the father, “If you can? Everything is possible for one who believes.” I see a bit of snark in Jesus right here. “If I can? You mean, if you can?” Then Jesus tells him, “All is possible for one who believes.” In other words, if you believed (truly believed), then you could cast out this demon.

What about you? Do you believe you’re divine? Do you think you’re “like Jesus”? I’ll often hear something like, “Keep a smile on that face. You might be the only Jesus people see today.” But Jesus didn’t keep a smile on his face. You want to be divine? You want to be like Jesus? Feed the poor. Clothe the naked. Heal the sick. That’s Jesus’ call to divinity. You want to recognize your God-spark? Be Jesus.