Hi.  My name is Terry and I’m a Christian Conference junkie.  I really love going to these conferences, talking to folks, networking, building relationships and having my religious comfort zone stretched. 

So, I was really looking forward to going to Co-Creation when my wife informed me I was going.  I had the opportunity to share a car ride and most of the conference time with my very talented friend, Josey Stone (Check out his music here, for free.).

Josey and I arrived in Greensboro at 6 o’clock on Thursday evening (just in time for dinner) and in plenty of time to get great seats for Brian McLaren’s opening lecture, at 7:00.  Alas, we wasted time and ended up sitting at the back of the sanctuary in which Brian was speaking.  Brian talked about this place the Church is at where things are about to change.  His premise was “Something is trying to be born, and it needs us.” We live in a pregnant world and can we help birth God’s dream for a transformed world?

He went on to discuss two theories on how the world changes.  One theory is the “great man” theory.  This theory states that a (wo)man has a great idea, implements that idea and then becomes a hero.  He used Martin Luther as his example. 

The other theory is the “great moment” theory.  This theory states that there are times in which the “world is pregnant” and persons are in the right place at the right time.  He cited the Protestant Reformation as his example here. 

What I gathered from this talk is that it takes both.  We need great (wo)men.  We need great moments.  And, maybe to take it a step further, you don’t get “great (wo)men” without great moments. 

This theme continued all weekend with Diana Butler Bass, McLaren, and Paul R. Smith (who I will talk about tomorrow).

Can we apply this theme to The Progressive Church? Are we at a great moment in Church history?  Do we have great women and men who are standing up to “birth” this great moment?  What will this next “great moment” be?  What will be the thing that puts this “great moment” into the history books?  What’s your opinion?