It gets better, ladies and gentlemen.  I’m not going to say it gets easier…  But it gets better.

I know that’s an obscure statement, but I have faith.

I read Revelation.  I see the metaphor.  People forget that John did not “die” during this time of prophecy, but it was a worship experience.  Revelation  talks of an age to come but it also talks about the age that is here and now.  Revelation is a picture of how the CHURCH SHOULD BE TODAY.

God is in the process of making all things new, but how does he do that?  He does that through us.  He does that through HIS CHURCH.  Yes, I still believe in the importance of a local community of believers. Let us not get too concerned with what we believe or how we believe it.  Here’s my question: How are you making your community new? If your local community of faith stopped participating in the local area, would anyone notice?

Every week, we (The Church of the Misfits) have to park on the street and walk between a block to two blocks to get to where we meet.  And it never fails that every week we run into someone asking for money or food on the way to Church and the way back to our car.  And every week we buy one of them food.  We have come to expect this occurrence.  Next Sunday, we’re going to take sandwiches with us.

So, every week we feed one person and may give another something between 50 cents to two dollars.  Is this part of “making our community new”?  Well, we do what we can.  I’m not saying we’re changing the world, but we make one person’s (sometimes two) night a little better.  We keep one belly from going to bed hungry, hopefully.  Maybe, eventually these folks will begin to recognize us.  And maybe we can comfort one of them and let them know that Jesus loves them in a tangible way.  Maybe.

I don’t think we’re at the point that if we stopped meeting, anyone would notice, but hopefully soon.  I’m looking forward to this Sunday when we bring sandwiches.  I’m hoping that’ll start conversation and such.

What are you doing to make your community new?  What are you doing that is helping complete the work of God?  We are his plan for a re-creation of earth and my hope and plan is to eradicate a little bit of the Hell and make a little more Heaven in my corner of the planet.

The only way for it to get better is for US to make it better.  Will you join me?