It’s that time of the year again. Today is my birthday.

This is usually a time for introspection and this year is no different.

A lot has happened this past year. I’ve had a stressful year. I’ve had a good year. I’ve made a lot of personal changes and been more forthright and honest about many of my convictions.

I have great friends who support me. I have a new group of friends who have taught me a lot about grace. I have a dear friend who is always there to help me make hard decisions.

I have a BEAUTIFUL amazing woman of God who is going to be my wife next month.

If you look at my life, you’ll see a pretty lucky guy. And the truth is, I don’t know how much “luck” has to do with it.

The truth is I have a wonderful God who has blessed me beyond measure and the older I get, the more I realize that. Everything I have is a gift from the Creator.

The true question is, “How good of a steward am I with the resources he has blessed me with?”

In the next year, I plan to be a better steward of the resources that God gifts me with. I have not done a good job with this in the past. What does that even mean? To be a good steward?

Do you feel like you’re a good steward? Are you wasteful with money? Are you harsh to the environment that God has created for our enjoyment?

What can we do to be better stewards of creation? I’d love to hear your thoughts.