“I am so stressed out about this move, new job and whole new life I’m going into.” – Why don’t you pray about it?

“My back is sore. My joints hurt. I’m physically exhausted and beat down.” – Why don’t you pray about it?

Very often, this will be your Christian friends’ response when you have the first bit of complaint, “Have you prayed about it?”

And the answer often is no. No, I haven’t prayed about my joint pain and no I haven’t prayed about my nervousness about this huge change my life is about to take.

Well, why not, you ask?

Because, I don’t have faith enough to believe Christ can heal my joint pain. Don’t get me wrong. I believe Jesus can heal YOUR joint pain, just not mine.

I believe God can help you with your nerves and anxiety, just not mine. You see, my problems are my problems. What happens if I give them to God and nothing happens? What if this is just a trial I have to go through?

Even worse, what happens if I pray about my issues and they are resolved? That means I have to trust God more and I’m not sure I’m ready to do that.

What about you?

Why don’t you pray?