I’m tired of being a Christian. I’m tired of defending my beliefs to Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists, Muslims and others who see my Jesus as a fairy tale. I’m tired of the arguments with other Christians about who’s right and who’s wrong (I’m usually the wrong one). I’m tired of the hate Christians spew at others within the same faith. I’m tired of the Conservatives replacing Nationalism with religion. I’m tired…. But I have hope. In Revelation Jesus says, “Behold I make all things new.” I can only hope that I am included in that “all things”. I can only hope that “I have fought the good fight and laid hold onto the promise of eternal life.” Yes, I am tired but I have hope.

I’m tired of being an Outlaw Preacher. I’m tired of the exclusion of friends (whether real or perceived) in a group that calls itself all inclusive. I’m tired, but I have hope. I see good in the community. I see healing in the community. I see genuine love in the community. I see family in the community. And where there are those things, hate cannot survive. Light always drives out darkness.

I’m tired of the Church. I’m tired of the bickering over non-essentials like Infant Baptism, certain fruits of the Spirit and which denomination gets the best seat in Heaven. I’m tired of getting up on Sunday morning and “looking pretty for Jesus” and not mentioning Him the rest of the week. I’m tired…. But I have hope. I have hope in a Jesus that is coming back for one Bride. I have hope in a Jesus that talked with the blatant sinner (which suggests we might ought to, as well). I have hope in a Jesus who died and rose again so that I may be reconciled to my Heavenly Father. I have hope in a future church that embraces ecumenicity. I have hope in a generation that sees deeper than our differences and embraces perhaps our sole similarity (that we follow Jesus).

What are you tired of?

What do you have hope in?

Let’s talk about it in the comments!