I have written a broad Wild Goose post, I’ve written about why Wild Goose inspired me and now it’s time to talk about what I really took from Wild Goose. Ten years from now, what will I remember about #WGF11?

That’s easy. Sunday morning, Nadia Bolz=Weber talked about being a “hyphenated” and also is a part of a soon to be released anthology on being a hyphenated (i.e. Penta-Mergent, Bapta-Mergent, Luther-Mergent, and so on…)

When Nadia went to her dad later in life to let him know she was going to be a pastor, she was worried that she wouldn’t get his approval because of some of the more liberal theological viewpoints she had. But, when she told her dad, her dad got his bible, turned to the book of Esther and quoted that verse, “Perhaps you were brought to the Kingdom for such a time as this…”

As soon as I heard her tell that part of that story, I started crying. It made me realize that more than anything I want the approval of my father as a pastor. I want my dad to recognize me as a paastor and I don’t know if that will ever happen, considering he’s a Southern Baptist and if I even stay Baptist, I will definitely move to another denomination.

Nadia reinforced my desire to stay Baptist. And at Wild Goose, this person handed me their card from the Alliance of Baptists who are a more liberal denomination of Baptists.(Oh gosh, they ordain women? Blasphemy!)

I don’t know what tomorrow holds. I don’t know what my future looks like and I don’t know with which denomination I will seek ordination with in the future. But I thank Nadia for speaking into my life at this event. She will never know how much her words hit my heart.

What about you, ye Wild Gooser? Any memorable speakers that you feel like specifically spoke to you? What is the one thing that in ten years you will remember from Wild Goose 11?