Doubt God. That’s right. I put that as an imperative statement.

There are a few definitions of doubt in the English language, but my favorite is “to hesitate to believe.”

I have had quite a few conversations with different people over the past month or so about their doubts about God. (Side note question: Why do people come to me when they’re doubting God?) They have doubted His existence, if He cared about them or if He was actually capable of changing their circumstances.

And my response to these people has been the same. My response has been, “Go ahead. Doubt Him. Question Him. Shake your fists at Him and ask Him to reveal His nature to you.” Well, that’s not verbatim what I said, but that’s the spirit of what I was saying.

Question Him. He can take it. Don’t believe me? Think of the heroes of our faith. Who do you think of? Abraham, Adam, David, Job, Peter, Thomas, Jesus? Peter was the Father of the Church and doubt was his middle name. Jesus was the SON OF GOD and on the Cross, He asked, “Father, why have you forsaken me?” All those men, at one time or another, doubted God or asked Him why. And you know what? It was okay. God didn’t get mad and smite them. I urge you. Doubt God. Question Him and you will find Him faithful. Jump into the Scripture and you will find Him faithful.

It’s not a sin to doubt God. I would say that it’s a requirement for a mature faith. A faith that is not questioned is not worth much.

What about you, oh faithful reader? Have you ever questioned God? Are you still questioning God? Let’s continue this conversation in the comments.