I’m up early this morning and am going to be heading to a funeral in a few hours. The man who has passed is a young man and the son of a very good friend.

There has been a lot of talk among this young man’s friends about his “eternal destination”. I didn’t know the young man very well, so I’m not here to discuss his salvation or whether or not he’s in Heaven, but let’s have a conversation about Heaven.

Most of the talk about Heaven in Scripture is very metaphorical and my favorite metaphor about Heaven is found in the Gospel of Luke (14:15-24)

Jesus often used short stories (or parables) to explain a complex idea in a simple form.

In this certain story, a certain man was throwing a party and invited all his closest friends (the rich people) and they were all too busy for their friends party. So, the man said to his servants, “Fine then. Invite all the poor, all the crippled, all the lame and the blind in the city, so that my house may be full.”

Did you catch that? “So that my house may be full.”

The table had already been set. The party was all ready to begin and all the people who you would expect to be a part of the feast turned the rich man down. So he brought in the least likely subjects. He brought in the people you would least expect to be a part of a great feast.

So, I beg you Christian brothers and sisters, do not be quick to judge the eternal fate of others. Oh, you self righteous, work out your own salvation, in fear and trembling, or you may be the one left out of the great feast.