22 Most Wanted Terrorist

Sometimes I have to wonder if American Christians take the radical love Jesus preached seriously.

Remember the Woman at the Well?

Jesus was an associate of sinners. He purposefully sought out (or maybe they sought Him out?) sinners. He didn’t have much patience for the religious teachers of the day. Hm, I think Jesus and I would have gotten along pretty well.

Jesus says in Matthew 5:44, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

At the top of this post is a bulletin of the 22 most wanted terrorists in the world. I’m asking you to start praying for them. Pray for them by name. Pray for them daily.
A soldier that has fought in the Mid-East War set up Prayforaterrorist.com this year.  Go check it out.

I can’t make you do this, but I wish you would.

Some of you may not think much about the power of prayer, but I do. And I’m going to start praying for the men on that list today.

Why? Because Jesus would have prayed for them. Jesus would have loved them and He died for them too.

These men have done some horrible things and they will have to give an account for those things and I know the idea of praying for these men is not a popular one.

But I take the words of Jesus in Matthew 5 as a command and not a suggestion or an option. “Love your enemies. Pray for those that persecute you.”

Also, don’t forget to pray for our soldiers and their families and all the lives affected by the actions of these men. I am not trying to play down their actions, just making a call to Christian love for these men.