I’ve written about worship before and you can check out that post.

What does i take for you to worship? Bright lights, big bands, loud drums, a goatee sporting (usually bald headed) one man rock-band?

I attended a church I hadn’t attended in quite a few years this past Wednesday night and the service really touched me. The service was at POA (Pentecostals of Alexandria). I was on their website Wednesday afternoon and realized that a good friend was bringing the Gospel that night (and he did bring it!) so I decided to go support my friend.

I got to the Church at about 6:45, was greeted by a few familiar faces and found a good seat, expecting a 25 minute worship set and then maybe, maybe 20 minutes of Preaching. They sang the first song “Healer (The Kari Jobe Version)” and went straight into the Word…. Wait! What? They only sang one song? But Worship gets you warmed up for the Word! It breaks the stone off a calloused heart! Worship is so important! And, really? Healer? That song isn’t even “powerful”. It’s not Shout to the Lord or Holy Holy Holy or the Christian go to “Revelation Song”. Seems kinda wimpy.

And the Preaching lasted a solid 45 minutes… on a Wednesday night. What were they thinking? Don’t they know you can’t keep a congregation longer than an hour on a week night? Ridiculous. These people have to get home and catch American Idol.

So, y’know, even with a lack of emphasis on Worship, Wednesday night’s service impacted me. Ryan Franklin brought a message on Repentance that I needed to hear and the lack of focus made me realize that my emphasis on worship might almost be idolatry. Doesn’t Scripture motivate us to worship? I love to worship. I love loud music. I love a good guitar solo, but on Sunday mornings when I’m at church, am I worshiping or am I worshiping that sick guitar solo that guy just pulled off? Which one brought me to tears? Which one got me jumping up and down? And, how hard it is for us to be in the Spirit when we realize the keyboardist is playing the wrong notes, or that one singer is off key…. We base our expression of love for Christ on such trivial things.

So, forget about the church you attend. I’m not asking you about them. I’m asking you about you. Have you made music too much of a deal and Scripture not big enough of a deal? What if your church stopped having worship sets and introduced Worship through reading Scripture? Do we treat the Word of God as the most important thing in our lives or do we treat it as the boring part on Sunday mornings?