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Wednesday, I blogged about Twitter (and how much I love/hate it). So, today to follow in this week’s Social Media theme, I’m going to post about WordPress and why I love it.

I’ve used quite a few different Blog hosting sites (Xanga, Blogger, Blogspot, FACEBOOK {That’s another blog post entirely} and Myspace) but I keep coming back to WordPress. Why? Because WordPress loves me.

Okay, the people at WordPress don’t know I exist, but with how easy they make things (new posts, checking stats, approving comments, making my blog look spiffy), I like to think one of the WordPress gurus are thinking of Terry and they make you think they are too. I mean, this blog is all about me, right? What I want to say gets said and the responses I like are the ones that get approved (Kidding, you all get approved unless you’re spam or a troll).

It’s easy to make the website that bears my call sign (tsmith0095) all about me. But why would I do that? The internet is much bigger than one man, is it not? And my life is about more than what is posted here, is it not (God I hope so)?

I find worth in more than what my WP stats say every morning, don’t I? I should but it is a contributing factor.

I’m in trouble. I’m in danger. Every day, I do a mathematical equation that factors in my status comments/likes (Facebook), RTs and Mentions (twitter) and my WordPress stats. Whether or not I have a “good” day or feel good about myself is often in direct relation to how much attention those three social media tools receive.

This is not healthy and I do not know the answer. I don’t know how to rely on my social media less. I even bought a smart phone so I could spend more time on Twitter, facebook and WordPress. Should I give that phone back and get a flip phone that just calls and texts? Maybe…. but then I might miss something important that happens on TWITTER.