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I really really love twitter. Don’t believe me? Check out my twitter feed. I tweet a lot!

And honestly, I have built some great relationships (?) on twitter. I love people like Jason Huffman (blog), Jeff Goins (blog), Adam McLane (blog), Chris Goforth (blog)… You get the idea. I could list a million (okay 400) names here of people that i have only encountered through social media and that I love and I look forward to reading their thoughts every day.

I really love social media. And I think I love it a little bit too much. I get elated when I tweet something insightful or funny and it gets retweeted a couple times (let that retweeter be someone with more than a thousand followers and I get really excited).

I find motivation and inspiration coming from @’s. I check my twitter feed every two minutes (every 5 if I’m busy). I’m an active member in the twitter world. I find acceptance when I sign in to Twitter and I think, “Isn’t this what Christianity is supposed to be like?”

I’m on staff at a church. I’m a youth pastor. And I find more validation in my twitter stream than I do in the Holy Scriptures. Ouchy mamma.

I wonder, do other people (come on big tweeters) have the same issue? Am I the only one with this problem? Do you make too much of your twitter stream or facebook news feed?

I can’t answer that question for you.

The question I’m having to ask myself is not, “Is my life too full of twitter to please God?” That’s the wrong question. I don’t think God hates twitter. But He hates it when I spend countless hours a day on twitter checking my replies and ten minutes in the Word.