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I’ve seen the Twitter hashtag #oneword2011 blow up these past few days and I figured I’d jump on board. If you want to read more about One Word 2011 and the person who the idea has stemmed from, go here.

As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, my One Word for 2011 will be growth. I said,

I want to see Growth in my spirit, growth in my relationships and growth in the ministry I facilitate.

When I say growth in my Spirit, I mean maturity. I want to see a maturity in my Spirit that means I quit questioning God so much and trust more in faith. I want to be a person that can say he fully trusts in Christ even when things are the hardest.

I want to see Growth and maturity in my relationships. I have security issues. I am always thinking that I’m not good enough for a mate. Thoughts that I don’t have enough to offer constantly cloud my mind. This year in 2011, along with growth in my Spirit, I will work towards growth in my relationships and confidence. I am good enough. I do deserve a Godly help mate.

If you read my blog, you know that I facilitate a youth ministry. I want to see growth in that ministry this year. The team is in place that has the capability to cultivate this growth. However, they are relying on my leadership as Youth Pastor. I really do not want to fail this team. I would love to see a 200 percent growth in the Ministry this year and know that it’s possible. It can happen. New people are coming along each day. But to keep them here, we have to maintain a ministry that meets their needs, not only their wants.

That’s my One Word 2011. What’s yours?

What’s your plans for this year?

What’s one word you can focus on for this one year of 2011?