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5 Blog Posts That You Shouldn’t Have Missed This Year:

  1. Jon Acuff’s “Distancing Ourselves From The Word Religion”
  2. Adam Mclane’s “10 Ways to Be Good News to Your Neighborhood”
  3. Jeff Goins’ “What Christians Can Learn from Alcoholics Anonymous
  4. Brandon Mouser’s “I Once Was Found But Now Am Lost”
  5. Adam McLane’s “Firework by Katy Perry

4 People You should Follow on Twitter

  1. @RitaMGS-Her heart for students is inspiring.
  2. @TimSchmoyer-For Obvious Reasons
  3. @LarsRood-Because he’s pretty fly for a white guy
  4. @Tazmin_Ivey– His anecdotes about being a father and a husband are interesting.

3 Blogs You should Subscribe to:

  1. Lars RoodRead every post he has ever written…. Seriously.
  2. Michael Hyatt-CEO Of Thomas Nelson publishers.  He’s a great resource for bloggers.
  3. Jeff Goins– The more I read his blog, the more I love it.  It’s nice to find a blog that is about content, rather than aesthetics.

2 Ministries You Should Sow Into

I’m not a huge fan of asking people to spend money, but these two are sincere ministries that I feel are doing Kingdom Work that you would do well to sow into.

  1. Compassion International-For obvious reasons.
  2. Adventures In Missions– My heart for missions wins over here.

1 Person Who You Should Pray For

  1. Tim Schmoyer– You can read his story here.

I could go on and on and on about the blogs you need to read and my friends who you need to encourage. I really could, but I decided to keep this list short. And these are 15 things that I truly think you should not enter into 2011 without experiencing. Thank you and good day!