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Does disobedience have consequences?

Let’s talk about those that God has put over us for a second.

Let’s talk about your boss. Let’s talk about your parents. Let’s talk about your pastor.

And then, eventually we’ll talk about God.

What happens when we disobey our boss?
Sure we can get fired… But what if it’s just a little disobedience? What if it’s not that big of a deal?
What if when time for a promotion comes up, you don’t get it? Would you remember that little disobedience then? Or would you blame someone else? There’s something to ponder.

What happens when we disobey our parents? If you’re 4, you get put in time out or a spanking. If you’re 14, you get grounded or your cell/xbox taken away. If you’re 24, you might lose a nugget of trust that you never get back. Trust is so important in that parental relationship and you never want to lose it. It is so hard to regain. Love your parents. When I say love, I mean love them hard. Love them until it hurts because one day they won’t be there for you to love.

What happens when we disobey our pastors? All I can think about here is trust. Trust is the most important gift you can give a person. When that person is your shepherd, they deserve to have your trust. God has placed them over you for a reason and you do not need to give those people any reason to distrust you, whether it be by your actions, your words or your attitudes.

Are you familiar with Numbers 20? If not, go read it. I’ll be waiting here.

Moses struck the rock. Now before we go and throw our beards of judgment all over Moses, haven’t you struck the rock a few times? Haven’t we received a promise from God and said, “You know what God, thank you for that promise. Now what do I have to do to earn that?” The answer is nothing. God wants to bless your life and all you have to do is not strike the rock. Just leave it up to God. He does have your best interests in mind. Just don’t strike the rock.

Due to Moses striking the rock, he nor his brother saw the promised land. Your disobedience to God affects more than you.

What promise is your disobedience hindering your from receiving? Have you ever struck the rock?