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Dear Prodigal,

I love you. I really do. I came to earth, lived and died for you. You will never find anyone that loves you like I do. I love every part of you. I have your hairs numbered and I know every cell in your body intimately. I want to be close to you. I want to be your friend that’s closer than a brother. I want you to love me.

Yet, you run from me. You run form every thing that looks like me. You have taken everything I’ve given you and ran it into the ground. Your parents are faithful. You grew up in church. There is no place for blame to rest other than on your shoulders.

You know about the cross. You know what I have done for you. Yet you live like I never came. That is the equivalent of a spit in the face and I don’t like it. It hurts when I see you live the life you live. I can’t think of anything that hurts more than to see one I call my child living a life dedicated to the decadence of this world.

You wonder why you’re not happy? You wonder why you can’t find fulfillment? You ask yourself why no one loves you?

I can answer that. You think no one loves you because you have ran at full speed from LOVE itself. You have spit in the face of LOVE itself.
You were created for my companionship and a relationship with me and nothing else can satisfy. All of your other relationships will suffer when you don’t have a relationship with me.

But it’s okay. I still love you. I still want you to come home. I’m a gentleman. I’m not going to ruin your “good time”. I’m not going to run and get you, but when I see you take one step towards me, I will come running.

I’m standing on the front steps of Heaven yearning for the day I see you in the distance taking one step towards me. I will run to you and all the benefits of our relationship will be restored. I want to share my kingdom with you, for you are a co-heir with me. We are inheritors of the same promise. Come and let me share my promise with you.