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You know what you don’t see? You don’t see Jay-Z calling Eminem on stage and saying, “You know what, you can probably hit this rap better than me. Go ahead. Knock ’em dead, son.”

You know what you don’t see? You don’t see Lebron James calling Dwayne Wade up before the game and saying, “Hey man. I’m just not feeling it today. Why don’t you take my spot on the team. I’m taking the day off.”

You don’t see Drew Brees willingly stepping off the field and letting the second string QB come in.

But I tell you what you do see. You see a lot of bloggers saying, “You know what? I think someone else can tackle this blog and probably do a bit better of a job than me, at least for a day.” And they call/text/email/tweet that person they have in mind and a mutual agreement is reached. And the guest blog done well benefits both parties and increases blog traffic for both parties.

Now, why do Christians like these things so much? Seriously! What is our love affair with guest posts?

I think I know. We’re addicted to this idea of “Christian Celebrity”. We’re addicted to putting people on a pedestal. It’s almost sacrilege and it infuriates me.

And I do it too. “Ah man, I just want to get my blog noticed so I can get some more hits.” Everyone wants their blog to become popular.

But is popularity what Christ called us to? Or did He say, “People hated me first, so they will hate you also.” Did He say, “Follow me and everything will go your way,”? Or did He say, “The birds have their nests and foxes have holes, but the Son of Man has no place to lie his head,”?

What about you? Do you get into this whole Christian Celebrity thing? Are you trying to be a Christian Celebrity?