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Until you act like one.

Boom shocka locka alla rhama. God hit me pretty hard with this truth a couple of weeks ago. It hurt.

I was looking at what happened in San Francisco after the Giants the World Series and I said to myself, “Those guys don’t look like winners.” Why are they so mad? Why are they going crazy and tearing up stuff? They should be the happiest city in the world. But they weren’t.

The city as a whole took the victory (that wasn’t theirs) and tainted it. I would have been sad to be a Giant that day.

“We fought for you, our city, and we won a National Title and this is how you repay us? By tearing our city down?”

The victory wasn’t theirs and they didn’t know how to handle it. They were drunk with euphoria and were uncontrollable. There was definitely more damage than good done. Why would you tear up your city like that?

Then I think of the story of the Prodigal Son. If you know me, you know that that story is one of my favorites in all Scripture (maybe second to that one about the Jew who died on the Cross).

In this story, the son goes to the father and asks for the inheritance that he did not earn and then proceeds to ruin his life. He wastes all the money his father worked so hard for and ends up living in pig pen eating slop. He tore down all his father had worked for, a lot like the patrons of the San Francisco Giants tore down the city after a victory that wasn’t theirs and they called it celebration.

Here’s my question: “Do we do that with the Gospel?” Do we take a Victory that is not our own, call it our own and then waste it? Are we ruining our lives, and our testimony and our churches because we’re called free and can do that? Because all things are allowed, but not profitable.

I would argue that the Prodigal Son did not see the worth in the inheritance he received.

I would argue that those of us who are under the blood do not see the true worth in our salvation or we would not trod down on our testimonies the way we do. And we would be serving and giving of our time. We would actually love others and reach out to help them, not turn our nose up at the poor and hurt.

Do you say you love the God who saved you?

Do you recognize that Salvation is a gift and not a right?

You do not deserve anything except Hell.

You are not sick then healed, you are not lost then found, but you were dead and you are now alive.

Oh Praise the One who paid my debt
And raised this life up from the dead.