This is going to be hard. I know that. But my friend, Sarah blogged on her facebook about 25 things that made her happy. I promised to do the same, but I’m not real keen on the facebook notes, so I decided to do mine here.

  1. My health (for the most part, I’m a pretty healthy guy).
  2. My awesome church that allows me to serve.
  3. The persons at my church that love me unconditionally.
  4. My pastor who believes in me.
  5. My family who supports me (for the most part).
  6. My dear friends who are there when I need some encouragement.
  7. My job that allows me to pay my bills (for the most part).
  8. Specifically, Roger and Traci Nelson who are volunteers at Journey Church.
  9. Those that follow me on Twitter and those that I follow who contribute to the conversation.
  10. Specifically the #Superblog peeps.
  11. Every student who is involved with Passion Youth that I get to serve.
  12. Good mentors in the ministry.
  13. WordPress for giving me a free spot to vent and express my ideas.
  14. Adam Taylor Bond for being a guy who’s available and encouraging.
  15. Joshua Poe for being a darn good guy who helps me out a ton.
  16. Mr. Mike and Mrs. Debra Upshaw whose generosity over the past four years is nearly mind boggling.
  17. Every parent who is a part of the ministry I serve and volunteers.
  18. The staff at Journey Church for keeping me accountable.
  19. My God who offers me Salvation and justification.
  20. Joe and Sylva Wellman who were the first pastors I really had.  Joe was the first person that truly believed in me as a minister.
  21. Mike Scott who really encourages me to be more mission minded.
  22. Jonathan Acuff and Stuff Christians Like.
  23. Friends who didn’t have to be friends but wanted to be.
  24. My high school teachers and how each of them helped mold the man who is Terry Smith.
  25. Every single breath I breathe.

Now.  I promise to blog once a day every weekday for the next year.  Keep me accountable.  Harass me on twitter and write on my facebook wall.  On Mondays, I blog Here.