I get aggravated with people who try and personalize God.

How many times have you heard one of these statements:

God/Jesus is my best friend.

I’m dating God/Jesus.

No you’re not.

God is not your best friend.

Go ahead. Think of the person on this earth who is your physical best friend. Don’t you get mad at them sometimes? Don’t they fail sometimes? Quit trying to put God in a box that you can understand because I promise, He is beyond your comprehension

Also, God is not a Sphinx. You don’t have to get your words right. He’s not full of riddles. I asked someone the other day why they used words like thee, thou and thine when they pray. Their response was, “That was how Jesus would have prayed.” Guys, Jesus spoke Arabic and He is not worried about how you say anything you say. He is concerned about a heart condition.

God is not Santa Clause either. God doesn’t have a Nice/Naughty List. He has a forgiven/unforgiven list. His grace is not reliant upon actions, but attitudes. If you’re forgiven, you cannot work your way onto the unforgiven list and vice versa. The only way to make your way from the unforgiven to the forgiven is the blood of Christ. And God’s gift of grace/eternal salvation? No amount of being “good” will allow you to receive that gift.

Now, I will give you a few titles that God is okay with.

El Elohim-The God of Strength

El Shaddai- God Almighty; God the Sufficient

El Shalom- The God of Peace