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I really look up to people like Adam McLane, Jeff Goins and Michael Hyatt who blog daily or multiple times daily and I really enjoy most of what they have to say.

But I’m not them and I’m not as consistent with my blog as I’d like to be, even though I am getting better.

Here’s why I don’t think I’m as consistent as these guys:

1. I have my ministry and then a secular job. So I basically have two jobs and that means most days, I’m up around 7:00 and in bed after 11:00. I’m not complaining, just stating a fact. If you look at the time stamps on my blog, you’ll see they go throughout the day. If you look at consistent bloggers, you see their time stamps for the main post of the day are pretty steady. My point is, my life is not perfectly scheduled, so it’s hard to schedule blog posts.

2. I’m not as good at taking notes as I need to be. Sometimes I see/hear/read something and I think “I should post about that,” and the next time I’m at my computer I’m kicking myself for not remembering that thing. I have a smart phone. There is no excuse for me not to use the Notepad App on that smart phone to catalog blog ideas

3. My blog is not a discipline for me. It’s not something I have to do. It’s something I enjoy doing. I don’t make any money off of it. It’s solely me sharing my ideas and hoping for some sort of response. I have absolutely no incentive to blog, other than my ego. I need to make it something I have to do. I have to make it a daily routine or there’s really no point in me blogging at all.

I think a lot of people who blog do so due to their ego. “Oh I have something to say and the world has to hear it!” and then when that blog post gets 12 views, our ego is shot. “But I put so much work into it!” You can put all the work you want in to a blog, but it’s not the value you have for your blog, but the value another person perceives that makes them retweet it or comment.

What makes you comment on a blog?

What would make you retweet it?

Are you as consistent as you would like to be with your blog?

What would help you be more consistent?