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So, if you follow me on twitter, you’ve seen more than a few posts containing the hashtag #Superblog and you might be wondering what that’s about.

Friday, October 22nd, I received an email from Bryan Allain with questions about blogging in general and what I thought people’s biggest hindrances were with their own blog. I responded to that email with some opinions and in the process of thinking about his questions, I had an idea.

What if every post on your blog was a guest post? What if every day you had different point of view expressed on your blog? Would that be exciting? Scary? Nerve-racking?

My bet is that it’s all those things. So this week, I’ll be reserving a domain name and the blog will go live on Friday and the first post will be Monday, November 8th. The last will be Saturday November 5, 2011.

In that span of a year, we will have 312 posts done by 6 individuals (52 posts per person). Everyone gets a day of the week and they post on their respective day.

The different bloggers will have short bio on the About Us of the page before November 8th so you’ll get to know them a bit better.

They are Brandon Mouser, Rita Garcia, Jason Huffman, Justin Van Rheenen, Tazmin Ivey, and me (Terry Smith).

The beautiful thing is, I wouldn’t know any of these guys/gal if it wasn’t for Twitter. There is no connection except that we follow each other on Twitter. You’ll learn more about these guys if you follow them on Twitter or as you read the blog. It’s not my place to describe them to you. I will tweet the link to the blog on Friday, so be expecting it.

I’m very excited about this adventure and I’m excited about starting it with these lovely people.