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Rovio created this super addictive game called Angry Birds.

It’s a pretty fun game that allows me to kill some time and works my brain a little bit, so I enjoy it.

Do I take the game a little too seriously?  Probably.

5 Reasons Life* is Like Angry Birds

  1. Like in life, in Angry Birds, you start off with the essentials.  You don’t get any of the trick birds… You start out with plain old red birds that you have to lob and hope you hit the weakest point of whatever structure you’re trying to crumble.  You have to earn the trick birds that have more power, just like in life.  You have to earn the ability to use bigger and better toys.
  2. As you get better, you realize you don’t have to use all your resources on one level and the reward is greater if you don’t.  Just like in life, if you can find a way to use less of your resources and still do a stellar job, the reward is always greater.
  3. Sometimes, you have to pull in a few trick moves to get everything you have to get done done.  It’s not easy and takes skill, but after you do whatever the task, you’re very proud of yourself and deserve to share that pride with others.
  4. It gets hard.  The game and life get hard sometimes and you do have to put all your resources into something that seems trivial and the reward sometimes doesn’t seem to fit the effort.
  5. There are different tools that work in different situations.  True wisdom is when you learn how to apply the different tools in your box at the correct time.

Now, 5 Reasons Life is Not Like Angry Birds

  1. In Angry Birds, often there is one way to do things and one way only.  In life, that isn’t so.  You don’t have to listen to some expert, because his way may not work for you.  When in doubt follow HIS way and things will work out.  Things may get tough, but all things work together for our good, right?
  2. In Angry Birds, if the flick of your finger is wrong, and you lose one bird, more than likely, the whole level is lost.  Once again, not so in life.  We get another chance!!!  Thank God for second and third and fourth and eighteenth chances!!!!  Everyone screws up and your screw ups are not permanent!!!!
  3. In Angry Birds, we get a restart button at the end of the level if everything didn’t go exactly how we desired.  I wish that’s how it was in life!  Wait, can I get a redo?  You don’t get redos in life.  You may get a second chance, but people will remember your first failure.  God won’t.  Most people will.
  4. The premise of the game is that something was stolen from these birds and they go on a mission to get their belongings back and they have to kill off their adversary.  If you go around this repaying evil for evil, you will pay an eternal consequence.  It’ll sound vaguely like, “Depart from me.  I never knew you.”
  5. Finally, I’m at number 5.  Been waiting on this one all morning.  I beat Angry Birds yesterday (or all the currently available levels).  And you know what I received?  Nothing!  No gold medal!  Not even an opportunity to tweet my success!  I got absolutely no recognition for a well done game.  All I received was a “Thanks for playing.”  Life is not like this.  You go through your life, do what you’re called to do and finish the race, an eternal reward is waiting for you.  You’ll even get a crown that you won’t be able to wait to throw at the feet of Jesus.  You get so much more than a “Thanks for playing.”   Hopefully you get a “Well Done my good and faithful servant.”



*To me, life and ministry is synonymous.  There is no one without the other.  And if you’re a born again Christian, it’s that way for you too.