You don’t have to but I would suggest reading Genesis 26 before you read this post.

At the beginning of Genesis 26, God tells Isaac to go to a certain place and dwell in that place. This place is Gerar, a land belonging to the Philistines (who are throughout Scripture known as enemies to Israelites).

At this time, there is a severe famine in the land of Gerar, but Isaac does what God tells him to and pitches his tent there. Now, Isaac has a family to take care of but you do not see him complaining about the famine at all anywhere in this chapter, even though Egypt is not far from where they are staying and are enjoying a bountiful harvest. Isaac stays in Gerar. And he became very prosperous in Gerar, receiving 100-fold of all seeds he planted.

This is a chapter God has been reminding me of a lot recently. Sometimes it seems so easy to go into “Egypt” or the land that looks bountiful. But I have to remember that harvest is not for me. I am to stay in Gerar and sow my seeds. God will reward my faithfulness and He will reward yours as well.

Often, we look at what other people are receiving and we question the fairness of God. God is just and that which we are seeing someone else receive just isn’t our blessing. It doesn’t belong to us and for us to desire it is covetousness. I’m just telling you, stay in Gerar. Sow your seeds. Watch God reward your faithfulness.

God honors faithfulness and your harvest will be made up of the seeds you sow.

Sow in joy, love and peace and that you will receive. Sow in bitterness, hatred and jealousy and that is what you will receive.

Just please…. Please….. Don’t go to Egypt.