I saw the Social Network Friday.

I was impressed.

I was thoroughly impressed.

I wasn’t impressed because of the great actors (which it had), the great cinematographic moments (which it had), or the great story (which it told). I was impressed because it didn’t apologize for the crudeness or rudeness of the story. I was impressed because they didn’t make the protagonist of the story look like a good guy. He’s an asshole and the Screenwriters were okay with that.

As a matter of fact, the lead male actor who I honestly have a hard time calling the protagonist in this film was outright called an asshole in the first 5 minutes of the film and he proves he is within the first 15 minutes of film while putting some very degrading remarks about his ex girlfriend on his blog for the whole world to read.

Here’s what I think the movie has to say about this generation that I am a part of and the church..

The Zuckerberg in the movie is a great example of a Millenial. Let’s take a look at him for a second. He definitely has some sort of developmental disorder (i.e. Asperger’s or HFA—- Wiki IT). He can’t sit still for very long and he is very good at multi-tasking. As a matter of fact, if he’s not multi tasking, he’s almost not happy. You see this prominently in the first 15 minutes of the film when he’s creating facemash.com. He is socially awkward (one or two main friends) but he is also a genius with numbers and computers. Typical Asperger cases love to solve problems that other people can’t. It has been hypothesized that their brains work differently they really enjoy solving problems with computers and math.

Why do you think Zuckerberg really wanted in the Final Club? It’s not because he wanted the success or the friendship, I can tell you. It’s because he wanted notoriety, not companionship. That’s the same reason that he created Facebook. He doesn’t want people to say, “That’s Mark Zuckerberg, my friend.” No, he wants people to say, “That’s Mark Zuckerberg, the guy that created facebook.”

People with Asperger’s have very little sense of loyalty are very slow to trust. If you look at Mark in this movie, you see this idea played out very well.

They summed him up very well in one of the last statements of the film, “She was wrong. You’re not an asshole, but you try so hard to be.”

Well friends, listen. Sometimes I see the church as having a developmental disorder. We love to solve problems with our giving and our big budget but we have a hard time teaching others how to solve their problems.

The American Church spends so much of its time trying to solve problems with programs, we forget that we are here to build relationships.

We’re really good at multitasking and making things happen, but what lasting effect does it have, if at the end of the day, we’re still waiting on a friend request to be answered?

People don’t go to church looking for answers as much as they go to church looking for a companion. We have to quit being problem solvers and start being friends to those who need it.

Are we as the church leaders okay with the world seeing the church as an entity that can solve problems but not that good at being social? Are we okay with the world looking at the church and saying, “What an asshole!”

I’m not.