I recently had a young friend of mine tell me, “I can’t wait until I can spend all my time studying the Bible and helping out at my church and not be in the world so much.”

On some points, I can see where he’s coming from. This guy is my age and a lot of the experiences he has had with the world have hurt him. He got picked on in high school, but has since grown out of his awkward stage, thankfully.

He’s a good guy. But he has some scars.

But when he said that, I had to ask him some questions that may have strained our friendship.

I said, “Man, is that what God has called us to do? Spend all our time studying?”

His response was something about how the Word of God is our only weapon against the enemy (a statement I can be quoted on saying myself) and that Matthew 4 says the Word of God should be more important than bread.

Okay, I get both of those things. But Jesus also told us to GO. And sometimes to GO means to spend some time with the drunkard, drug addict, porn addict or quite simply, the jerk. We are called to be an agent of change in our world and how can we be that agent of change if we are not in the world?

Wait a second Terry, did you just suggest that we go out and actually purposefully associate ourselves with the lowest of society?

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s what Christ would do. GO!