Twitter conversation between myself and @Adamtaylorbond.

Adam: “I believe the American church is standing at the threshold of a massive evangelistic movement, but it’s still trying to decide how to do it.”

Me: “I agree. Is it our job to equip them?”

Adam: “I believe so. But in a way that forsakes ego and any consideration of personal preference for a truly Biblical approach.”

Now, a lot was said in those few tweets. But what does it mean? Whose job is it to equip the church to be as effective as it possibly could at this time when the harvest is so ripe? I think it’s mine and I don’t think Adam would disagree with me saying it’s his too, but is it yours?

To be real, when the Church was formed, there were no pastors. We had Apostles, but not pastors. The Apostles job was to equip the family leaders (men) to minister to their families. The Church was founded for families to minister to one another. This model of “church” we have today has absolutely no Biblical basis. Does that mean it is bad? Absolutely not! Things have just changed over the centuries (millenia?) since the church was formed. Families don’t stay together this day in age. I’m not only referring to divorce, but to sons moving far away from their parents. This would have been very out of place in Peter or Paul’s time. So, because family units have changed, church had to change. It has become the church’s job to disciple young Christians, rather than the family’s.

But still some things are the same. Let’s take a look at Paul. What did Paul’s ministry consist of, honestly? Paul’s ministry consisted of short term mission trips in which he equipped the nationals (locals)to minister to the people of that nation. Paul did not make it a practice to stay in one place very long, bar his time under house arrest.

So, what is our job today as Christians? Well, if you take the very last words of Christ into effect, our job is to GO, plain and simple. No arguments. Does that mean we are to live on the mission field? News flash: You do live on the mission field. And you are doing one of three things: Living an intentional life and leading others to Christ, equipping others to reach the lost, or disobeying the command of God.

Once again, this post is not very long, but it didn’t have to be. Plus it’s Saturday afternoon. Be shocked you got anything out of me on the weekend. šŸ™‚

In Christ,