Where do we go from here?

Many leaders and I have had this conversation:

We’re being effective. People are getting saved. Lives are getting changed. Relationships are being built. Everything that we define as an “effective ministry” is happening but we still feel like something is missing.

My first question is, “How much time do you, as a leader, spend time in prayer? Studying the Bible? Loving on people? Worshipping your King? (When you’re not preparing for a sermon or in a church service?) As a leader, the most important things aren’t the things people see you doing. It’s the things God witnesses you do. It’s not that we have to “prove” ourselves to God but He wants to see us living faithful lives. He wants to see us living out the life we preach from the pulpit. We shouldn’t let the life we lead affect the doctrine we preach but let the doctrine we preach affect the way we live.

Do you feel like something is missing? Do you feel like you go to church and nothing changes? What’s missing? Your passion! When the Holy Spirit moves, something has to move out of you! What have you truly given up recently for the Kingdom? I’m not talking about monetary gifts but changing your mind! Are you willing (of enough humility) to ask yourself if what you’ve always believed about the true Spirit of God may be wrong? Do you practice tradition and look for things in the Scripture to back up that tradition? Or are you using the Scripture to create new traditions?

Have you messed up? Has something I said resonated with you? Yes? THen where do you go from here? Back to the Basics.

  • It Starts with a changing of your mind. (Romans 12:2)
  • There is only one way to renew your passion and that is by renewing your mind daily. Forget what the world tells you and rely on the promises of God. The only true way to renew your passion for Christ is getting back to the basics of Christianity. What are the basics: spending time studying the word, prayer, worship and truly loving people.
  • One of those 4 things (study, worship, prayer, loving others) is going to be hard for you. That’s the point. Doing it is going to take something from you you’ve never had to give before. That’s the whole idea.
  • God wants to insanely bless you. But He also wants to see you make some effort. He wants to see you wanting to want Him. He wants to see your desire. He wants to see your heart on fire.
  • God wants to see you sacrifice some time and the only way to do that and be happy about is make a decision to put God first in your life.
  • Prayer- Matthew 7:7-11 God wants to bless your life so much, but He wants you to ask Him. He wants to be a huge part of your life but He wants your invitation!
  • Worship-John 4:23-24-God is waiting for a new type of worshipper to arise. God is looking for people to worship with all they have. Why should we worship with all we have? Because God gave us all He had. He gave His only son.
  • Study-Matthew 4:4-Do we live like studying the Word of God is as important to us as eating? Do you ever get “hungry” for the word?
  • Loving others-John 13:34-35-We are commanded numerous times to love all people and here we are told that the world will recognize Jesus’ disciples by their love for others. Do you live a life that’s recognized as a life of love by others?

So my question for you guys today is, “Are you living a life that makes others recognize you as a disciple of Christ? Are you living a Christ centered life? Is He what you are passionate about today?” If not, get down on the altar of forgiveness and ask for Him to light a fire in you. Ask Him to invade your life and make your heart His true home!