Pastors, what if this Sunday you decided not to preach? 

Would people still show up? 

What if you decided to tell your worship leader to cut out the contemporary worship and go back to the hymn book? 

How long before you congregation started dwindling? 

Why do you think that is?

Why must church be as entertaining as practical? 

Proverbs 19:24 says, “A sluggard puts his hand in the dish, but is too lazy to bring it back to his mouth.”  As I look at the church, I see this. 

I believe congregations look at the Word, they listen to the Word and they see that it is good, but they don’t partake in the Word.  They don’t “eat” the Word. 

They are content in living around the power of Jesus and not IN the power of Jesus.  So, the question is, how do we (leaders) change this?  How do we help our congregations hunger for the Word again? 

Well, the first step is the simplest and the hardest.  It’s simple because it’s obvious but it does take work.  We have to get passionate about the Word again.  We have to go back to the Gospels and come back to terms with the awesome Revelation of Jesus Christ. 

I’m not saying to abandon discipleship.  We all know discipleship goes further than the Gospels, but the only thing that can change the rigor mortis that the church is currently struggling under is the awesome Word of God.  So, where do we find passion? 

We find it in the story of Jesus Christ, a story I fear that our congregations have forgotten because passion is scarce in the churches I see today.  I’m talking about a real passion. 

Do you know what the original meaning of the word passion is?  The Greek word Passio was created to describe the sufferings of Christ from betrayal to death.  The Greek had to create a word for it.  Nothing in their vocabulary could describe it.  That’s the Christ we need to come to revelation with, the one who gave up everything He had on this earth for us.  True passion comes when we are willing to suffer for the cause of Christ.  That means that we have to lay down a part of ourselves and turn it over to Him.  Are you willing?  Are you ready?